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  2. 理事長の挨拶


Our school name of TOPA contains our desire to toppa (break through) any difficult barrier we face with the aim of being the TOP-A. I established this school in 1988 with the desire to spread the Japanese language around the world and to get even more people to know about Japanese culture.

Karatedo, judo, aikido, sado (tea ceremony) and kado (flower arrangement) – these are parts of Japanese culture and they all come with “do (way).” This is the way to thoroughly master our spirits. I worked my utmost on karatedo in my youthful days. I think my experience from that time gave me fortitude. Anime and manga are also very popular around the world, but I think the foundation of culture is language. TOPPA 21st Century Language School is waiting for everyone who shares the same passion for cross-cultural exchange that all our teachers have.

Josaku Mizuta, Chief Director